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hina麓s Digitalization 2025German robots fit into China麓s Digitalization 202506-06-20▓16 15:56 BJTBy Ralf Ostner, Chinese-German translator, based in Mu

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nich, Germany▓Digitalization and industry 4.0 are key topics for China´s Strategy 2025. Beijing seeks access to industry 4.0 knowledge from Western companies, while

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China▓ and Germany are global industrial powerhouses.  China’s industry has largely expanded due to low labor costs, and German industry has pushed ahead on a

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dvanced automation, on account of high labor costs.  China is facing demographic challenges and recruiting more young and skilled workers.  Its l▓abor industry m

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ust adapt to less labor-intensive manufa▓cturing, and integrate more automated machines and robots.  China Strategy 2025 is set▓ting the stage for the country to trans

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form into a global manufacturing innovation center that prioritizes development of intelligent manufacturing .Chinese manufacturers are still operating in the age of Industry 2.0 – labor-intensive phase.  Industry 4.0 is about connecting machines to generate huge vol▓umes of data to be analyzed to make machines run more ▓efficiently, and to coordinate factories and value chains. Ski▓pping an entire stage of industrial development – from Indust

ry 2.0 to Industry 4.0 – may sound attractive, but requires introduc▓ing more automated machines along with new forms of data-driven coordination, requiring new ski▓lls on factory floors for people who can operate complex machines and automated processes. Many Chinese developers h

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ave focused more on automation of production, rather than with the integration of factor▓ies and value chains using Big Data an

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alytics. This is where the German company Kuka — one of the world’s lead▓ing robot manufacturers — can play a

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pivotal role.  It’s products could replace human labor on production lines. Chinese companies are far more ve

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